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The PMP certification courseware we offer is developed and maintained by our expert team of PMP corporate trainers, university professors, and eLearning experts; all of whom are veterans in the field of project management. PMP courseware designers from SSI Logic wear many hats, and the PMP exam tools we offer through our websites mirror the curriculums we teach through our instructor-led classes; transformed for an eLearning environment.

All of the PMP courseware we offer undergoes a rigorous review process known as our Courseware Development Process (CDP). This quality assurance (QA) process serves to minimize the risk of issues related to quality and accuracy; and increases our ability to effectively prepare students for the PMP certification exam.

PMP Exam Prep

Our PMP Exam Simulation Technology
The exam simulation technology developed by SSI Logic is based upon the real exam testing environment, providing students with the most true to form application of PMP training content possible. Whereas other tools may provide a linear screen-by-screen testing mechanism, we provide a timed, markable PMP test application which mimics the real PMP exam. Our testing system requires no additional software downloads, and works with all standard web browsers providing our users with the most accessible, practical PMP preparation possible.

What Our Students Say      

"It was really helpful preparation for my PMP exam, as I passed it on my first attempt. I would recommend PMPerfect to anyone who is interested in taking the PMP Exam."

Ramya Sivakumar PMP

Merrill Lynch


"The PMP study materials were excellent. The review cards, the study guide (especially the review questions), the Process Placemat, and the other materials equipped me to pass the PMP exam. I have found those materials to continue to benefit me beyond just passing the exam. "

Michael Taylor PMP

Houston, Texas

"The PMPerfect exam service was instrumental in helping me prepare for the actual exam. The logical sequencing and structure of the practice tests, along with the post exam reporting, enabled me to identify areas of weakness and drill on those to increase my competency. I went into the actual exam feeling prepared and confident of passing on my first attempt. Thank you PMPerfect; best $49 I spent in my preparation efforts."

Renard Rosas PMP

Sr Project Manager


"PMPerfect was the ideal tool for me. In the 10 days before the exam, I started using PMPerfect exclusively. It helps to identify areas of weakness and concern, and helps you understand how to approach the exam questions. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to earn the coveted PMP certification."

Graham B. Locke PMP

New York, USA